FurryBall 2013 Competition

aaa-studio announced the FurryBall Competition 2013 for 3x FurryBall 4 licenses. From all received images they will select 3 winners and they will receive FREE NON-Commercial licences. The competition is focused on hobbyists and students with the theme „any topic“. Deadline for your submission is 31st October 2013. Follow the link for more information: aaa-studio

Krita 2.7 released

Open-source paint package Krita continues to evolve in directions that many professional CG artists will find interesting, following the recent addition of support for OpenColorIO in version 2.6. Find out more..

Autodesk announces 2014 Extension releases

Autodesk has announced details of the upcoming subscriber-only Extensions to its entertainment products – or at least, to 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox. The updates, which add new features to the 2014 product releases, will become available to customers with active Subscription contracts on or after 16 September. Find out more..

Substance in Modo

Substance is now fully and natively supported within Modo, bringing all the power of substances into your favorite DCC tool. Find out more..

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DAVE School offers free training – part 2

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modelingLate in 2011, The DAVE School's Executive Director, Steve Warner, gave his signature Lighting and Rendering lecture to the students at the school. Now DAVE School offers whole two 5 hour lecture to see for all visitors and 3D modelling fans. They started to post the entire series in hour-long instalments. Today they are posting the second segment which examines the way that environment parameters affect an object's surface settings. The goal of this series is to give students a better understanding of CG lighting and rendering. While LightWave 3D is used for the demonstration, the principles discussed apply to all 3D programs, including 3DS Max, Maya and even ZBrush.

Digital Animation and Visual Effects School (DAVE School) is a member of the exclusive Visual Effects Society. To date, only one other educational institution has been granted this high honour. Their programs still continue to develop and grow to meet the ever-changing needs of the entertainment industry. Many graduates are now successful through around whole CG industry and can be found working in nearly every major game, television and film studio around the world.  DAVE School has incredible 85% Placement Rate and their graduates continue to show that you don't need to attend school for 4 years to land a great job working on movies, television shows and games.

For more details about DAVE School or to see first part of training visit: DAVE School

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