FurryBall 2013 Competition

aaa-studio announced the FurryBall Competition 2013 for 3x FurryBall 4 licenses. From all received images they will select 3 winners and they will receive FREE NON-Commercial licences. The competition is focused on hobbyists and students with the theme „any topic“. Deadline for your submission is 31st October 2013. Follow the link for more information: aaa-studio

Krita 2.7 released

Open-source paint package Krita continues to evolve in directions that many professional CG artists will find interesting, following the recent addition of support for OpenColorIO in version 2.6. Find out more..

Autodesk announces 2014 Extension releases

Autodesk has announced details of the upcoming subscriber-only Extensions to its entertainment products – or at least, to 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox. The updates, which add new features to the 2014 product releases, will become available to customers with active Subscription contracts on or after 16 September. Find out more..

Substance in Modo

Substance is now fully and natively supported within Modo, bringing all the power of substances into your favorite DCC tool. Find out more..

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Modeling a tire rim in 3DsMax

Written by Administrator.

Created on Wednesday, 28 September 2011 20:36

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3ds Max tutorial modeling a rimIn this video tutorial  for Autodesk 3ds Max i will show you how to model a tire rim. We will start by placing a reference picture inside 3ds Max environment and creating a cylinder like a primitive from which we will start to model. Step by step using poly-modeling  technique we will create the details and holes on the middle part of the rim and moving to the outer shape. At last we will connect them together and apply subdivision for a smooth end result.

Next we will set up the Photometric lights and materials for the rim and use Mental Ray for the final render. A quick gallery from the tutorial, download links and the tutorial you can find at the bottom of this article. If you like the tutorial, want to suggest something or post your work, leave a comment on the forum.


  • Modeling using a reference
  • Modeling using a primitive
  • Shaping the rim using poly-modeling technique
  • Using our material library for materials
  • Using Photometric lights
  • Rendering using Mental Ray


  • 01:00:00

Software used in the tutorial:

  • 3ds Max 2012

Tags: 3dsmax tutorial, 3d animation software, 3ds max modeling tutorial, 3d modeling software, tutorial for 3dsmax, 3d software, 3ds max tutorial, basic tutorial 3ds max, how to start in 3ds max tutorial, modeling tire rim in 3ds max tutorial
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Basic_Tutorial/TireRim/Textures/reference.zip)reference.zip[Reference]765 kB


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