FurryBall 2013 Competition

aaa-studio announced the FurryBall Competition 2013 for 3x FurryBall 4 licenses. From all received images they will select 3 winners and they will receive FREE NON-Commercial licences. The competition is focused on hobbyists and students with the theme „any topic“. Deadline for your submission is 31st October 2013. Follow the link for more information: aaa-studio

Krita 2.7 released

Open-source paint package Krita continues to evolve in directions that many professional CG artists will find interesting, following the recent addition of support for OpenColorIO in version 2.6. Find out more..

Autodesk announces 2014 Extension releases

Autodesk has announced details of the upcoming subscriber-only Extensions to its entertainment products – or at least, to 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox. The updates, which add new features to the 2014 product releases, will become available to customers with active Subscription contracts on or after 16 September. Find out more..

Substance in Modo

Substance is now fully and natively supported within Modo, bringing all the power of substances into your favorite DCC tool. Find out more..

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3D Creative #84 is out

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Created on Monday, 06 August 2012 01:28

modelingLast issue of 3D Creative is again full loaded of interesting tutorials. Amazing cover picture is created by Oleg Nikolov. Oleg explains how his design concept for Bagpiper was influenced by Bulgarian folklore, while also covering how he used ZBrush extensively to model and pose his mystical character.

In this issue continues the fascinating FX, Particles and Dynamics series where industry professionals talk us through how to animate leaves falling from the tree. Matt Chandler is our instructor in 3ds Max while Mike Zugsschwert leads the way in Maya.

Building Droids series is an invaluable source of tips and tricks, and this month is no exception as Fábio M. Silva shows us how he turned a cool concept of a pleasure droid into a cool 3D model using 3ds Max. Fabio kindly shares his step-by-step approach to modeling the droid and talks us through how to create each part using simple modeling tools and TurboSmooth.


The Foundry presents its showreels

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Created on Thursday, 02 August 2012 17:34

modelingThe Foundry, has just released four reels that display commercial and non-commercial work created using software packages Nuke, Mari, Ocula and Katana. The Foundry produces a range of award-winning software solutions that facilitate ambitious visual effects across commercials, animation, episodic television and film. It is internationally renowned for its product design and its collaborative and open approach.

Now you can see two of them. Rest of these amazing showreels you can see on our Facebook.





3D Artist issue 44 is out

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Created on Tuesday, 31 July 2012 19:28

modelingNew issue of 3D Artist magazine is already released. In this issue 3D Artist magazine team unmask the amazing VFX heroes behind Marvel movies at some of the top visual effects studios. This time magazine brings 50 tips by elite artists will get you on the way to achieving photorealism and also explores the 3D world with a guide to the hottest spots for 3D careers and education.

Magazine also discovers what’s new in the anticipated ZBrush 4R4 and how it’ll revolutionize the way you sculpt and teach us how to create high-end 3D images with Souverein’s in-depth Maya and Photoshop guide. And that is still not all.


3D World #159 is out

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Created on Thursday, 19 July 2012 04:41

modelingNew issue of 3D World magazine is coming out. In new issue you can find the hottest trends changing the way you create 3D art. New issue helps you to bring your digital creations into the real world with Rob Redman’s guide to printing 3D models and Renee Dunlop visits the innovative studio to discover the techniques it uses for creating fluid effects.

Very interesting is an article about Pixar`s latest movie, Brave, which takes cloth simulation to the next level. Barbara Robertson talks to the team behind Pixar’s FizT technology.


Render Rocket brings education rates to cloud-rendering

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Created on Wednesday, 18 July 2012 09:54

modelingRender Rocket is deeply committed to supporting education. They release a whole range of new tools and pricing to its online rendering solutions. These are specifically designed to ease the rendering burden on students and educational institutions. Renewable on a monthly basis, with a Class Manager module into the Mission Control Interface, Render Rocket LLC is discounting its pricing for educational accounts by as much as 83% off the standard rendering rate.