FurryBall 2013 Competition

aaa-studio announced the FurryBall Competition 2013 for 3x FurryBall 4 licenses. From all received images they will select 3 winners and they will receive FREE NON-Commercial licences. The competition is focused on hobbyists and students with the theme „any topic“. Deadline for your submission is 31st October 2013. Follow the link for more information: aaa-studio

Krita 2.7 released

Open-source paint package Krita continues to evolve in directions that many professional CG artists will find interesting, following the recent addition of support for OpenColorIO in version 2.6. Find out more..

Autodesk announces 2014 Extension releases

Autodesk has announced details of the upcoming subscriber-only Extensions to its entertainment products – or at least, to 3ds Max, Maya and Mudbox. The updates, which add new features to the 2014 product releases, will become available to customers with active Subscription contracts on or after 16 September. Find out more..

Substance in Modo

Substance is now fully and natively supported within Modo, bringing all the power of substances into your favorite DCC tool. Find out more..

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Modelling Iron Man helmet using 3ds max

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Created on Thursday, 23 August 2012 07:21

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Modelling Iron Man helmet using 3ds max

In this tutorial  i will show you how to model Iron Man helmet, texture it and render using Autodesk 3ds max and Adobe Photoshop. By this we will use poly modelling technique where we start from a single poly. This technique is widely used for car or head modelling and the steps and technique covered in this tutorial is the same and you can use them to model anything. We will start preparing our scene for modelling and place the reference pictures inside 3ds max environment. Because we are modelling from a single poly we need at least three pictures; front, side and back to be able to model the helmet according the reference picture. After the initial set-up we will start the modelling process starting with the front cover of the helmet and continue with the rest of the helmet. The modelling process is very simple and only the basic editable-poly tools are used to build the model.

After the shape would be finished we will do some fine tuning to the helmet using graphite modelling tools to achieve the right poly flow to our shape. One of the last modelling steps will be adding the details to the helmet according the reference pictures. By this we will focus not only on the details but also on the shape where we will do edge tightening using chamfer and connect tools and so create a sharper look of the helmet. After finishing the model I will explain how I modified the textures which we will use for our helmet using Photoshop. At the end we will use the 3D-Sphere  material library which you can download from the menu on the right side of 3D-Sphere and apply the materials and textures to our model. For rendering i will use Photometric Lights and MentalRay. Here i will change my default light setup which i use in most tutorials and take advantage of light bouncing by creating a „light tent“ and so simulate real world environment. Together with the final render we will render also an Ambient & Occlusion map and do some postproduction in Photoshop. You can download the reference materials and as well watch the tutorial below and if you have any questions, just write us.


This tutorial is featuring a new way of streaming our videos which supports seeking of the video. This means that you can jump to any part of the video. You can slide to the next part using the "bullets" bellow the video. If you have any troubles, please tell us immediately.




  • Modelling Iron Man helmet
  • Modelling using a reference
  • Modeling a high-poly model
  • Using poly-modelling technique
  • Starting from a single poly
  • Using editable poly to add details
  • Smoothing the object using subdivision
  • Using Photoshop for creating textures
  • Rendreing with MentalRay


  • 04:30:00
Software used in the tutorial:
  • 3ds Max 2012
  • Photoshop (optional)

Tags: 3dsmax tutorial, 3d animation software, 3d modeling software, tutorial for 3dsmax, 3d software, 3ds max tutorial, photoshop tutorial, weapon modeling tutorial, iron man helmet tutorial
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Weapons/IronManHelmet/Max.Files/max.files.zip)max.files.zip[Max Files]694 kB
Access this URL (http://www.3d-sphere.com/3D.Tutorials/Weapons/IronManHelmet/Textures/Reference.Textures.zip)Reference.Textures.zip[Reference & Textures]4765 kB

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