Useful scripts and plugins for 3ds Max - page3

Vert Tag

Vert Tag is also known as PinBox. It can be used to create a wide variety of things such as the PinBox toys that many people are familiar with. Those toys would allow the user to place their handle over a bed of dull pins and leave an impression of their hand. The script can be run on a custom object with custom pin objects. This feature gives you the complete freedom about the final result because you decided how the pins will look. Also, the script is compatible with both Editable Poly and Editable Mesh. Check the video below for a quick presentation of the script.


  • Compatible with Editable Meshes
  • Custom Pin Object
  • Custom Surface Object
  • Animate-able surface with objects remaining attached
  • Copy types (copy, instance, reference)
  • Compatible with both Editable Poly and Editable Mesh
  • Options for distributing on polygon centre or vertices
  • Display showing object count

More information at: Vert Tag


Welder do what his name stands for, the script helps you to create welds of two materials which are interacting with each other. For example if you want to create a handle for a metal pot you need to do the welding in the place where the objects interacting with each other. The script is working in real-time with help which you can create your weld and then fine tune its properties using the UI of Welder with instant feedback. Check the video below for a quick presentation of the script.


  • Maxscript > Run Maxscript >
  • Select your master object. The one that you want to weld all your other objects to.
  • With the master object selected, hold the “ctrl” key and select the objects you wish to weld to the master object.
  • Choose your desired settings for the weld seem and hit intersecting welds.

More information at: Welder

As you can see, scripts and plug-ins can make your life easier and bring lots of new features inside 3ds Max. If you ever faced any problem or wanted to automate something, be sure that someone before you had this problem and maybe a script is available which could help you. If you have enough time and want to try to make your own script, just do it! At the end i would like to mention few more scripts in short; Blueprint-Manager (a handy script which can create and position your blueprints into 3ds Max), ColorPolyByVerts (if you have a complicated mesh and want to know how many triangles, quads and n-gons you have there, use this script), Fractuator (really nice looking script for fracturing objects).