How to create a miniature effect in Photoshop
How to create a miniature e...
An old but still great effect which makes rea-life objects on a photo look miniature. We will basically apply a ...
Modelling a leather chair in 3ds max
Modelling a leather chair i...
There is a quite a lot of tutorials about modelling a chair or an armchair, I believe so, but I anyway decided t...
Making of Elektrobot by Sait Bakırcı
Making of Elektrobot by Sai...
Sait Bakırcı shared with us the construction stages of his work on a project called ElectroBot. If you would like to ...
Modelling different screwdrivers using 3ds Max
Modelling different screwdr...
Screwdrivers belong between the objects which are used daily in our life and could be called common. In this tut...
Explaining reflections and using array function in 3ds Max
Explaining reflections and ...
Recently I was confronted with one question from our users regarding a picture made from small boxes which ...
Modelling an egg chair using 3ds Max
Modelling an egg chair usin...
Browsing the net I found out that many users are interested in modelling so called egg chairs which are represen...
Modelling a home theatre system in 3ds Max
Modelling a home theatre sy...
In this tutorial we will continue modelling objects for our interior and model a home theatre system using ...
Creating the floating-castle using Photoshop
Creating the floating-castl...
In the tutorials before I already showed that the options of Photoshop are almost unlimited and that these optio...
Modelling MockingJay pin and GDI logo using 3ds Max
Modelling MockingJay pin an...
Some time ago we received a direct mail with a question about modelling a Mocking Jay pin and GDI logo...
Creating a romantic card using Photoshop
Creating a romantic card us...
Slowly but for sure the 14th November is coming and with this day also the St. Valentine’s Day. To this occasion...



The idea for a portal with 3D content and the name "3D-Sphere " came at the end of 2009. The main idea was to create a portal with 3D tutorials and content which would inform the users about the news in the 3D world, give them an opportunity to learn from our tutorials and give them a place where they can search for help and discuss about 3D and 2D graphic software such as 3ds max and Photoshop. Over the time the concept was changed many times to create a lightweight site which a lot of information and tutorials to make it easy.



  • Free video tutorials
  • 3ds max & Photoshop
  • More than 220 tutorial parts
  • Ideal for beginners as well for intermediate users
  • Material library
  • No subscription needed

Autodesk 3ds max


Customize, collaborate, and create 3D content quickly with 3ds Max® 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software. It's packed with brand-new, user-requested features and enhancements for entertainment and design professionals. Desktop Subscription gives you access to the latest updates and releases, 1-on-1 web support, priority support in the forums, flexible licensing, and more.



  • OpenSubdiv support
  • Enhanced ShaderFX
  • Quad chamfer
  • Mesh and surface modeling
  • Polygon, spline, and NURBS-based modeling
  • Shading and material design

Adobe Photoshop


Incredible images, faster. Photoshop CC brings new efficiency to creative workflows of all types, so you can produce more inspiring work in less time and with fewer steps than ever before. Create astonishing art thanks to the cutting-edge science behind Photoshop CC. New technologies let you easily manipulate images in ways that were once painstakingly difficult, if not flat-out impossible.



  • Creative Cloud Libraries
  • Support for 3D PDF files
  • Workflow enhancements
  • Multi-shape and path selection
  • Real-time image asset generation
  • Editable rounded rectangles

New tutorial status?


Get some preliminary information about the status about a new tutorial .
Stay tuned!


Recording status

Recording, recording, recording ... . To record an interesting tutorial you need a lot of time. Our motto: Make it good, make it nice and take your time.


Processing status

Just to record its not enough. You have to process the files and prepare everything for publishing.


Article status

Its has to be noted that without any explanation there is no tutorial. Attractive article will attract new audience.

3D-Sphere 3.0 status?


To upgrade, it means to change and to customize..
Some of the work which has to be done:


Overall upgrade

Upgrade of the Joomla core 3.x is just one step to be up to date. There is lots of work behind it.


Typography changes

By means of template change, new possibilities of typography are available. This all has to be changed to be able to get advantage of it.


Code upgrade

New core, different structure and stock component. It just cant work all together at the first time. Quite a lot of changes in the code has to be done to have it working.

3D-Sphere 3.0?


3D-Sphere 3.0 features Eximium, a free Joomla Template with an award winning Joomla Template Framework YJSG.
Some of YJSG features built in 3D-Spher 3.0 are:


Responsive Design

Extremely-responsive layout that renders 3D-Sphere 3.0 beautifully on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Twitter Bootstrap 2 & 3

Advantage of included Twitter Bootstrap that helps to develop our websites easier and faster .

Built in shortcodes

Media, icnos, tabs, accordions, notifications or image effects are built in via shortcodes to quickly take adavantage of them.