Making of Elektrobot by Sait Bakırcı

Making of Elektrobot by Sait BakırcıSait Bakırcı shared with us the construction stages of his work on a project called ElectroBot. If you would like to contact Sait Bakırcı, use the contact information on the bottom of this article.  I have been working on for a while and have finally completed it. The Transformers movie was my childhood hero. I would watch it with great joy and passion. Sometimes I would even imagine that my toy cars would eventually change into robots. Other times, I would take apart my toys (the motor, wires, tires, etc.) and use these parts as arms and legs and connect them with rubber bands to make my own robots.

When the series’ first came out in 2007, myself and many others were captivated by the fact that the movie was supported with today's visual effects. I was inspired by the movie and told myself that no matter what I need to have my own robot, I need to design a robot and I eventually started my project.

Modelling Nokia 5630 using 3ds max–Part 2

Modelling Nokia 5630 using 3ds max – Part 1

In the first part of this tutorial „Modelling Nokia 5630 using 3ds max–Part 1“ we did the cover of the mobile keeping the major details such as the buttons for this part. We will start with changing the top shape of the model where we will perform some cuts and so tune the battery cover on the back to be the same as on the reference picture. Together with this we will also fix the geometry to fix the poly flow of the model. Straight after this we will continue with the front part of the phone where are placed all the buttons together with the displays. By this we will use the shape merge function to „cut“ new edges and polys inside our shape and so be able to quickly model all the buttons which the phone have. After all details are finished i will explain you how i did the textures and bump maps inside Photoshop and begin with assigning the materials id’s to the model. The textures by this are just bump maps creating a bump effect on the buttons and covers.

Modelling Nokia 5630 using 3ds max–Part 1

Modelling Nokia 5630 using 3ds max – Part 1

After the iPhone4 and HTS Desire tutorial i decided to do also a „classic“ mobile phone with buttons Nokia 5630. The main difference is obviously in the „buttons“ the devices before had none or just few but this one have them plenty enough to make the shape quite difficult to model. As by other tutorials the first step would be placing the reference images into our scene and set-up the environment for modelling. Using a primitive we will model a rough shape of the mobile phone and using editable functions add more details and polygons. After the rough shape would be done i will start adding details starting with the USB and jack plug on the top of the mobile.

Modeling HTC Desire S in 3DsMax

Modeling HTC desire in 3ds MaxAfter the high popularity of „Modeling iPhone4 in 3ds Max“ we decided to do a tutorial for another popular mobile, HTC Desire S. In this tutorial we will start by configuring 3ds Max views and place reference pictures for our mobile into the scene. Then using a primitive we will „draw“ a rough shape of the mobile phone and using simple editable-poly functions edit, move and add more and more polys into our model and match the reference pictures which we placed in the beginning. Later after the overall shape of the mobile is done we will start to add all details which we will see at the reference and cut them into the shape using poly modeling technique. By this i will show multiple ways how to add details and cut out hole into a shape without losing the quality and Boolean modifier.

Modeling iPhone4 in 3DsMax

3ds Max tutorials iPhone4In this video tutorial for 3ds Max I will show you how to model the Apple iPhone4 using a reference. At the beginning we will prepare our scene with the reference pictures and place it them into 3ds Max. We will start the modeling process from a box creating a rough shape of the model using poly-modeling technique. Slowly and step by step we will form the shape of the iPhone4 and start tu inset more and more details for the buttons and plugs which are on the phone. We will also use Photoshop to create and edit our texture for the model and use post-production to improve our final render.