Medieval Age

Modeling Anduril, the sword of Aragorn in 3DsMax

Modeling Anduril, the sword of Aragorn in 3ds MaxIn this tutorial for Autodesk 3ds Max i will show you how to model a detailed Anduril, the sword of Aragorn from the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings. We will use a reference picture according which we will model the sword and all details on it. In the first step we will start with a rough shape using a primitive object (in our case a cylinder) and poly-modeling technique where i will explain how important is to choose not only the right way how to model and the initial primitive but also the number of sides which you will need in the future.

Modeling a detailed dagger in 3DsMax

Modeling a detailed dagger in 3ds MaxIn this tutorial I will show you how to model a detailed fantasy dagger in 3ds Max using a reference picture. This tutorial was requested on our forums and together with the request the user provided also the reference picture according which i should model the dagger. We will start the tutorial by adjusting and importing the reference picture inside 3ds Max using a standard material and a plane. After this first step i will start to model the blade using  poly-modeling technique starting from a box and by moving the vertex and edges shaping the box into the blade of the dagger.

Shields modeling in 3DsMax

Modeling Shields in 3ds MaxWe are continuing the Medieval Age tutorials with this video tutorial where I will show you how to model different kind of shields using 3ds Max. At the start we will use and place reference pictures inside 3ds Max which would guide us during the modelling process and use them to model every detail. The three shields are modelled using a starting primitive and using editable-poly we will step by step add more and more details to the rough shape which we got at the beginning. At the end we will apply subdivision and achieve a smooth surface.

Swords modeling in 3DsMax

3ds Max swords tutorial

In this video tutorial for 3ds Max we will show you and guide you through modeling three different swords from the medieval age. We will use a simple reference and real units to model the swords and slowly go through making a rough shape until making details using polymodeling technique and 3ds Max. We will make three different swords of different shape and with different depth of details on which you can learn how to step by step create advanced objects using just one and the same primitive. Using subdivision we will achieve smooth surface.

Roman sword, shield and javelin in 3DsMax

Roman sword modeling 3ds MaxThis is the first 3ds Max video tutorial in this news section called Medieval where i would like to show you how to model swords, shields, siege weapons and other from this age. Even that Roman don’t belong there i decided to anyway do these. We will go through modeling using a reference picture from a primitive cylinder in 3ds Max and shape it using editable poly to the sword on the reference. Using similar technique we will make the shield and after with few steps the javelin. Using subdivision we will achieve smooth and without failure our models.