Modeling a USB Key in 3DsMax

Modeling a USB Key in 3ds MaxIn this tutorial we will create using basic tools in 3ds Max a USB Key made from two parts. First we will choose the right primitive from which we will start our modeling process and slowly by adding details and manipulating the edges we will build the rough shape of the USB Key. Using poly-modeling technique we will create the details, holes and the USB plug to match the Key in the real life. After the modeling will be done we will create simply textures in Photoshop and using our material library apply them to the model.

Next we will set up the Photometric lights and materials for the rim and use Mental Ray for the final render. A quick gallery from the tutorial, download links and the tutorial you can find at the bottom of this article.

  • Modeling using a primitive
  • Shaping the USB Key using poly-modeling technique
  • Adding all details
  • Using materials from our material library
  • Creating simply textures in Photoshop
  • Using Photometric lights
  • Rendering using Mental Ray

  • 01:30:00

  • 3ds Max 2012
  • Photoshop (optional)



bt usb max [339.57Kb]
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bt usb [2.52Mb]
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