Reconstructing an old photo using Photoshop

Reconstructing an old photo using Photoshop

If you are old enough to remember the days when the cameras where filled with films and not flash cards you also know how vulnerable these photos where. After years they were in a place where you thought they will be fine all the time but suddenly they are damaged. Scratches, dust, sunlight and other factors can damage these photos and so destroy your memories which you wanted to preserve with these photos. In this tutorial I will focus how to reconstruct and breathe back life to these old photos and so bring memories back to life. At first we will clean our reference photo from dust and scratches using both Photoshop filters and brushes.

After the soft and small fragments will be away we will focus on a large scratch which was made by bending the photo and try to replace this part absolutely. Using this technique you can also replace parts which were tear off or damaged on the photo and so bring the original shape of the photo back. After all damaged parts would be reconstructed we will focus on the fade which caused the sunlight and time to the photo. Using filters and in-built Photoshop features we will bring back the photo to his initial state.

  • Using Photoshop filters to clean dust
  • Using brushes to clean small scratches
  • Reconstructing a part of photo
  • Using different brushes
  • Color correction
  • Manipulating the image using layers and filters

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  • Photoshop (optional CS5)