Modelling a two stage Missile using 3ds max-Part 1

Modelling a two stage Missile using 3ds max-Part 1

After modelling the Iron Man helmet I decided to do something I wanted for a long time, a two stage missile. The idea is coming from an article I read a long time ago and since then I wanted to create something similar but of course using my concept. The basic idea for the concept and shape of the missile is based on the Hellfire missile and it’s used as the initial shape. The shape was redesigned by us and a basic sketch was created according which we will model and built the missile. The tutorial is because his length divided into „three main stages“; 1) Modelling the main missile, 2) Modelling the secondary missile and the details, 3) Creating textures and rendering. Because we will be modelling according a reference the first step will be placing the reference picture inside the scene and prepare our environment for modelling.

We will start from a primitive and in our case it will be a cylinder because the shape of the missile is very similar to this basic object. Using editable poly and poly-modelling technique we start to shape our primitive into the missile using and following the main edges on our reference picture. After the main shape will be done we will start adding details and as well model a camera system on the front of the missile. You can download the reference materials and as well watch the tutorial below and if you have any questions, just write us.

  • Modelling two stage missile
  • Modelling using a reference
  • Modeling a high-poly model
  • Using poly-modelling technique
  • Starting from a primitive
  • Using editable poly to add details
  • Modelling front camera
  • Smoothing the object using subdivision

  • 03:15:00

  • 3ds Max 2012
  • Photoshop (optional)