3D-Sphere changes and New tutorial section

3DsSphere 3DsMax TutorialsDue of delaying the release of SMF (Simple Machine Forums) 2.0 we have to delay also the start of our support forum. The official date of release is not known yet, but in the SMF blog is mentioned that it should be released very soon. We hope to start our forum very soon and so provide a community solution to 3D-Sphere. The forum should server like a support board to our users and provided them this features (not all listed):


· Support 3D-Sphere

· Support 3DsMax and other Software

· Tutorials support

· Know-how questions

· Which lists

· And more…


We decided to implement “video” plugin to 3D-Sphere which will allow us to add videos directly to articles from YouTube, direct or other services. We hope that this new “small” feature will make our articles more attractive to you and new users.


Medieval section:

After some time we announcing a new tutorial section called Medieval. In this section you will find tutorials about how to model in 3DsMax weapons, shields, siege weapons, buildings and more. Everything will be added in this age so you can look forward for interesting tutorials in 3DsMax and rendering tips in Mental Ray. Generally the new section would be divided in these major categories:

· Weapons and Shields

· Special Weapons (from movies)

· Siege Weapons

· Buildings

· Other Buildings

· Other objects

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