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Dear visitorsDefault picture 3D-Sphere,

From today we start this great project. So let us introduce it in some short sentences.

     The idea for a portal with 3D content and the name "3D-Sphere" came at the end of 2009. The main idea was to create a portal with 3D tutorials and content which would inform the users about the news in the 3D world, give them an opportunity to learn from our tutorials and give them a place where they can search for help and discuss about 3D and 2D graphic. Over the time the concept was changed many times to create a lightweight site which a lot of information and tutorials to make it easy.

In the meantime we are still working on many improvements to the site, new tutorials and much more to create a social place for everyone which likes and do 3D and 2D graphic or want to work with it.

     None of us was studying graphic or is directly working in this field, but it's our hobby which we like. We would like to forward our knowledge to people for them is hard to pay money for tutorials, 3D academies and want to learn a little bit of 3D graphic. Everything on 3D-Sphere is free of charge, we don't take any charge for any tutorial or help and we would like to keep it like this forever, because this place should be a place for education and our opinion is that education is for free. Because it's for free and mean no earnings for us and we have to work in our jobs to earn money, we can't spend all the time creating tutorials, but we trying to spend so much time which we can to do them.

    Actually 3D-sphere.com is focused on 3ds Max, Photoshop, all features tools of them and modelling in them as well. We bring some useful tutorials for absolute beginners and also for advanced users. Each tutorial includes a gallery and videos, which are, as we write above, free of charge and no registration is required. Registration is needed only if you want to give us a feedback or ask us something, eventually if you want to write a note or suggestions. In the closer future we bring for you a newsletter and also more news from world of modelling. To create meaningful discussion we prepare a forum, which will be active in 3 weeks and much more, what every one of you need.


Your 3D-Sphere Admins