Tutorials embedded into articles

Tutorials embedded into articlesOne step before migrating to 3D-Sphere 2.0 was converting all tutorials to a format which would be able to embed into the articles and so allows the users to watch the tutorials directly without the need of downloading them. We decide to do this mainly because some users was requesting this, we had some server issues and to restrict direct linking to us. Moreover this process allowed us to experiment a bit more with the quality of the video tutorials and yesterday we found so far the best way how to convert the tutorials with better quality.

So far only the last tutorial „Modeling Anduril, the sword of Aragorn in 3DsMax“ is featuring this new quality and because the converting from „raw“ formats is really time consuming we didn’t decided if to convert all tutorials  to this quality or not. The new format which we use is a process of 3 encoding steps by which we changing the VBR to a fixed bitrate at the end, with this we was able to eliminate some „fragments“ inside the tutorials which were appearing.



· Flv container

· MPEG-4 AVC/H.264

· 500-550 Bitrate

· 15 f



· Lame MP3

· 64 Kbps 44100 Hz

· 1 Channels


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