Migrating to 3D-Sphere 2.0 in few days

3D-Sphere 2.0Starting this day we solved all issues which we encountered by “virtual” migrating the current 3D-Sphere to the new version 2.0. The date of migration is set to Friday, 23.03.2012 and during this time until further notice the web page would be set to offline mode. The time we need to migrate and prepare everything is variable and can float between 1-2 days. However we are optimistic and we think we can finish everything within Friday and the new website would be online the same day.




About the new features we already reported few times but in short.

  • New web-site core based on Joomla 2.5
  • New design featuring absolutely fresh and modern web-site
  • New way of news\tutorials displaying
  • Faster web-site using CSS 3 and HTML 5
  • And a lot more …

Wish us luck!