Dividing tutorials into stages

Dividing tutorials into stagesPublishing new tutorials is one of the main purposes of 3D-Sphere and we try to keep some periodicity and time range between publishing new tutorials. For sure you noticed that most portals which publish tutorials are publishing them part by part and no matter if the tutorial is long or shorts it’s always published like this. We never liked this way and also we can understand that waiting for every single part can be frustrating and so we publish tutorials as a whole and not part by part.  However, sometimes we decide to do a bit more difficult and more time consuming tutorials and as a result are tutorials with multiple parts and length of more than 10 hours (for example: Fallout laser rifle).

Because this we decided to change a bit the philosophy of publishing tutorials and if we will do a longer tutorial we will publish it multiple times divided into different stages where each stage would have from 3-4 parts and a length of 3-4 hours.  Like this we can publish more interesting projects more often and the dividing will give time for the users to complete each stage before the next would be published. Of course as I mentioned before this will affect only longer tutorials and not tutorials under 4 parts or 4 hours. To be honest, we could do this without informing you or giving care what you think about it, but as you know we are different from other portals our kind and try to provide to our users the best services we can.

3D-Sphere Administrator