3D-Sphere changes announcement

Default picture 3D-SphereWe would like to welcome you on our page on more time and we hope that your time here would get you something. As everything we try to “evolve” our page every day, fixing some bugs, planning new content and so on… By this we also try to keep “www.3d-sphere.com” light, this means no big pictures, slogans like “we are the best” and so on,, just to keep the portal smooth, nice, without registration and post only information what you want or need.


Planed changes:


· Newsletter– what would be a page with news, new content without newsletter? Very soon we will publish a registration formulary with which you can easily subscribe to our newsletter which would go in interval 1 month “in some cases more frequently”


· Forum –for better support, helpdesk, stuff to talk and other things which you can discuss we will soon open our “Forum”. To this time we testing some stuff to again, keep it with only necessary things.


· Tutorials – the starting tutorials are already uploaded. We planning new categories, tutorials into existing ones and much more, but we are not planning only, we already have some recorded. Some full, some in production but these are not only promising words but the future.


·  Other – we try to work on the page day and night. Fix mistakes and bugs is our priority, we want that the page would be optimized on all ways.


We hope that everything will go like we want and that you will feel here good.

3D-Sphere administrators