New player, new changes

New player, new changesAfter several weeks of searching we found a suitable player for our video tutorials which should be more compatible as the old one and as well causes less trouble. The reason why we decided to change the player were many; users had problems with the player and in certain cases they couldn’t play the tutorials, the player hardly supported streaming and many more. So as you can see it was time for a change and we really hope that it’s a change to something better. Also we use from now a streaming server for playing the videos instead of progressive download which we had before. This has several advantages and the most noticeable is the capability of seeking the video. This basically means that you don’t have to wait until the video is buffered to seek the video but you can jump to any part instantly. This also means that you download only what you watch and nothing more.

The streaming server is a separate part of 3D-Sphere so it doesn’t affect the website at all. We are still open to change the player to something better and we have already the famous JW player in sight but we will wait for a while and maybe change the player again in some time. We had also dig for a week in the code of the website and all her components and tried to optimize the performance a bit. If you have any questions on us you can easily contact us using our contact form but please read the FAQ and Terms of use before.


Note: The player is directly embedded in the website and you can change the parts by clicking on the bullet system straight bellow the video. This unfortunately don’t pause the previous video.


Changes & advantages:

  • New streaming server– capability of seeking the video into any part without the need to download the whole video
  • New player– new player which supports the streaming of videos and so make able the seeking function
  • Code changes– optimizing the performance of the website and fixing some html bugs to meet the latest requirements
  • New article layout for tutorials– changed the way how the articles are displayed were from now the gallery is above the video instead on the bottom

3D-Sphere Administrator