Win a copy of Octane Render with OTOY and 3D-Sphere

Win a copy of Octane Render with OTOY and 3D-SphereStarting this day you can win a copy of Octane Render, the world's first GPU based, un-biased, physically based renderer developed by OTOY.  Octane Render uses the graphics card to calculate all measures of light, reflection and refraction. It runs only on NVidia’s GPUs and takes advantage of the CUDA technology and it’s incompatible with other video cards by other vendors. Is a true GPU based engine, not a hybrid CPU/GPU, nor a CPU based engine that was modified with GPU acceleration. Since a CPU adds a negligible speedup to the total rendering speed, having your CPU free for other tasks while rendering with Octane Render allows you to use your system for other tasks while rendering. OctaneRender operates as a stand-alone application but also as a plug-in with popular 3D modelling software like Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya and Smith Micro Poser and will soon be available for Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk AutoCAD, Daz3D Daz Studio, Newtek Lightwave and Maxon Cinema4D. The tightly integrated plug-ins deliver OctaneRender's  incredible speed and quality right in the viewport of the 3D application, allowing artists to interactively change lights, camera, materials, exposure, depth of field, other effects  and object placement and immediately see the rendered result with final quality. This basically means that the viewport on the screen is also the final render and it’s changing according to the artist’s changes. Some time ago we reviewed this great renderer and if you would like to know more and also see the results you can achieve with Octane Render, just check the review here.

To win Octane Render you have to do only one thing, like OTOY’s and 3D-Sphere’s Facebook page until 31.01.2013! Every user which will do so can at the end win a copy of this great renderer. But remember you have to like both of the pages. Good luck to everyone!

Like OTOY’s and 3D-Sphere’s Facebook page until 31.01.2012 and win!