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Dear readers, members and fans of 3D modeling,

This week 3D-sphere.com celebrates 4 month since its formation. During these months we brought to you 12 tutorials for 3dsmax, together more than 10 GB. These were divided into different sections according the difficulty and themes. Monthly we are preparing our newsletter, where we announce upcoming tutorials and events and summarize most important news from last month. Everyone, whose registered to our forum know, that we can solve every your problem very quickly and give you an information that you are looking for. 

Upcoming tutorials on 3D-Sphere August

3dsmaxAfter few hours of recording we decided to give our users a sneak peek of the upcoming tutorials in this month. August would be the month of „Basic“. We decided to make a new tutorial into the „Basic“ category and during that time we also got an request from user „CGArtFan“ at our forums about a certain tutorial which belongs also to „Basic“ category.

The first tutorial would be about modeling a „Tire Rim“. In this we would like to show the basics of modeling this kind of object and use of certain tools and modifications which allows you quickly and without stress to model your desire model.

404 Error on Material Library

3Dsphere Material LibraryOne user  at our forums  had warn us that our „Material Library“ can’t be downloaded and by trying to download it an „404 Page not found error“ appears  - broken link. This error was caused by changing the directory structure on our server but the download link wasn’t changed to the new address. We are sorry for this kind of trouble. Now the error is fixed and you can download the material library without problems.

Releasing new tutorial at the end of this week

3dsmax tutorialsAfter a hard work we are happy to finally announce the date of releasing the next tutorial at the end of this week. The upcoming tutorial we mentioned already few times here and also in our newsletter and it would be about modeling a „Laser Rifle“ using a reference picture from the popular post apocalypse game Fallout. The tutorial would be the longest we did so far and will feature 17 parts and around 20h of training. We really hope that all our users will enjoy it like we did when we was making it. If you did some of our tutorials or have wishes for some we would like to know your opinion and get some feedback to the tutorials.

New tutorial category at 3D-Sphere soon

3DsMax TutorialIn few days we are starting a new tutorial category called “Interior”. About the first tutorial we already brought a small sneak-peek days ago “Upcoming tutorials on 3D-Sphere”. The new tutorial category will be focused on interior modeling and rendering. In the first tutorials we will built a model library including different stuff like chairs, lamps and others which you can find in living room, kitchen or other parts of an interior. After building this library we will focus on making an interior from our models and setup the light and materials.