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Tutorials embedded into articles

Tutorials embedded into articlesOne step before migrating to 3D-Sphere 2.0 was converting all tutorials to a format which would be able to embed into the articles and so allows the users to watch the tutorials directly without the need of downloading them. We decide to do this mainly because some users was requesting this, we had some server issues and to restrict direct linking to us. Moreover this process allowed us to experiment a bit more with the quality of the video tutorials and yesterday we found so far the best way how to convert the tutorials with better quality.

Do you want more 3D?

modelingAs we declared many times, 3d-sphere.com is trying to bring you relevant information, which you should know, because they are interesting or helpful by modeling your artwork. We make many reviews of software and renderers which can change your preferences, which you use. But many users are looking for more, which is connected with 3D modeling e.g. VFX in upcoming games, movies and commercials or sneak peeks of upcoming products. And we daily bring something also for them. So do you want to see sneak peek of new features of 3ds Max or some useful tips provided by experts from Autodesk, who advice how to solve many problems?

Changes before 3D-Sphere 2.0

3D-Sphere newsWhen we were planning the first version of 3D-Sphere we also discussed the future possibilities of upgrades and enchanting the site. The first concept was planned like light weight and user friendly site with content relevant to what the user was searching for. After 6 months we can personally tell that we accomplished what we wanted, but this was only the first stage. These 6 months gave us more than 3 years of planning, we got a lot of experience from several fields and also huge feedback for which we are more than thankful.

Submit your work to 3D-Sphere

3D-Sphere SubmissionDo you want to share and publish something to the community here at 3D-Sphere.com?

We can give you the place where you can publish your work, making of or a tutorial which was did using 3DsMax, Maya, ZBrush, ... or any other 3D and also 2D application at any difficulty level.  We accept bot video and text-based entries as long its relevant to the 3D-Sphere content and user friendly. Tutorials or articles which will be approved by the 3D-Sphere team would be published at 3D-Sphere.com , our forums and social networks with all credits, links and of course authors name.

Merry Christmas from 3D-Sphere

3dsphere whishThe year ends and 3d-sphere.com team celebrated their first Christmas. By this occasion we would like to thank all our user for their support and for creating our community, which is growing every day. We cooperate with many top companies to bring you more tutorials in better quality, more reviews, news and interviews for your better orientation and knowledge about CG industry.