Useful scripts and plugins for 3ds Max - part2

Cocktail greeble

This script is very similar to the Greeble plug-in mentioned above but still there some differences. Both are used to fill the empty spaces of your object but unlike Greeble, Cocktail greeble doesn’t generate new objects on the surface but instead of this he creates pseudo randomized mesh. This basically means that you can really mess up your mesh but still have control over it. The author mentioned that the code is a mess and most of the function you will never use but there is one which is very useful and probably you will play mostly with this one; the shuffle connect. The examples below will give you an idea for what you can use this script.


More information at: Cocktail greeble


Very interesting script which can be used to create creates or any similar cracks on your shape. Unfortunately this script doesn’t have any GUI so you need to change the code in order to change the settings. Besides this fact the script can create great shapes within seconds and save you a lot of time. The result can vary and it’s highly depending on the topology of the selected faces and also on the surrounding edges.

How to:

  • Download the script
  • Select an editable poly object.
  • Select some faces
  • Run the script
  • Edit the settings
  • Press Go!

More information at: Shellhole


Cobwebs is a very interesting MAXscript with help which you can create all sorts of cobwebs, spider webs, wire bundles, cables, bag-worm nests and much more. You can select and control the way how the cobwebs would be generated and so have the full control of the final result. Of course a sort of random generator is applied to place and generate the cobweb in a natural way. So if you need to create a sort of cobweb, grab this script. For a better imagination how powerful it is check the gallery bellow and look what an experienced user can do with it.


  • Maxscript > Run Maxscript >
  • Select your geometry objects
  • Choose your desired settings for the cobwebs and hit create


  • Knot types
  • Format Types for Main and Sub strands
  • Better sorting for Radial web
  • Addition to format is Spiral
  • Order format with option of loop
  • Sub strand Amount control
  • Gap control for sub strands
  • Knot spacing control for both main and sub strands

More information at:  Cobwebs