Trumpet - Modeling a trumpet in 3DsMax

Trumpet tutorial pictureWanted ever to create some musical instrument in 3ds Max? Now you will have the chance!We will use a simple blueprint like a reference and place it in 3ds Max which will allow us to model this instrument step by step like it’s on the reference picture. We will use poly modeling, starting from a basic cylinder and step by step transforming it in a copy of the reference picture. Using the basic and advance techniques of poly modeling we will create a smooth model.

Ring set - Modeling rings in 3DsMax

Ring set tutotrial pictureTo create smooth and perfect looking objects in 3ds Max is one of the points of this tutorial. We will focus on creating three different types of rings on which we will demonstrate advanced poly modeling with respect on the geometry which will allow us to create smooth and clean models without any crack in the geometry. The details of the rings we create by using functions which will allow us to make nice and smooth details on our model and his accessories.

Firelighter set - Modeling firelighters in 3DsMax

Firelighter set tutorial pictureIn this tutorial we would like to show you some advanced techniques by modeling three firelighters, each from different kind using poly modeling technique in 3ds Max. We focus on the basic shape and got deeper by manipulating vertex and edges using poly modeling. After we will create a basic scene, materials in Mental Ray and lighting which we will use by the final render. At final we will get in touch with some post production Photoshop.