Changing colors in Photoshop

Photoshop tutorial maskingThe colors of any image and on any object or person are very important for the final impression of your artwork. But what if the colors are wrong and you want to change them? In this tutorial I will show you how to completely change the colors of an object or a person. For this I had choose a picture of a women. Firstly I will desaturate the image and make him black and white, like we would have the image without any color but preserving the highlights.

After this step we will divide the image using masking techniques in different layers which will allow us later to change the color of the separately layers. Like this we will change everything in our picture like hair, eyes, skin and lips using Hue & Saturation. This technique can be used on anything or anytime when you need to change the color of a picture or just a part of it. At the end we will use some filters and layers for improving the final image.

  • Desaruting the image
  • Creating masks for all parts
  • Using different selection tools
  • Changing the color of the image
  • Manipulating the image using layers and filters
  • Improving the image

  • 00:21:00

  • 3Photoshop (optional CS5)