Creating a hologram effect in Photoshop

Creating a hologram effect in PhotoshopPhotoshop is not only a great tool for digital painting, retouching or photo manipulation but also a tool with help which you can create any special effect you could imagine. In this tutorial i will focus on creating a hologram interface effect on a stock photo using different tools and brushes. At first i will change a bit the stock photo on which i will later apply the hologram interface and all parts of it. By this i will hide and particularly reconstruct a person finger to my needs by deleting the current object which she is holding.

After all preparations are done i will explain the idea of my hologram and start the process from scratch creating a pattern which would allow us to simulate and create this effect. The pattern itself can’t create the hologram effect and because this i will also apply different blending options to the layers to fit the effect to the image but also create the effect as much real as i can.  By creating the parts of the hologram interface i will improvise and place different objects inside it using sci-fi brushes which would help to create the impression of a future hologram interface. One of the last steps in this tutorial will be the final touch to the image. This will include several balances to the colors and some blending effects to finalize the image.

  • Reconstructing a part of Photo
  • Creating a new pattern
  • Creating a hologram interface
  • Using effects to create glow effect
  • Using different brushes and object
  • Color correction
  • Manipulating the image using layers and filters

  • 00:40:00

  • Photoshop (optional CS5)