Merging two animals together using Photoshop

Merging two animals together using Photoshop

Everyone who used Photoshop for some time knows that the features and the possibilities which are included inside Photoshop are limited just by your imagination. Literally you can do almost everything and these include also some advanced photo manipulations. In this tutorial we will take a closer look on how to merge two images together and create an absolutely new image with a new content. For this purpose i choose two different animals which we will merge together; a lizard and a hippo. The final image should be a transformation of these both animals into a “LizaroHipp” a lizard with the head of a hippo. To be able to do this first we need some reference images. The reference images should have something common to able to merge them. In our case was the main factor the head position and rotation of the hippo. After we will have these images we will start the process of merging and place the hippo head into the image of the lizard on a separate layer.

Next we will begin the blending of these two objects. Using the transforming tools, brushes, blending options and layer effects we will adjust and merge these two photos together. During this process we will not only bled the two image together but also reproduce the lizard skin on the hippos head together with replacing the hippos eye. At the end we will a bit fine tune the image and apply some color balance to the final image.

  • Merging two images together
  • Creating a new animal
  • Using the stamp and heal brush
  • Using the pen tool
  • Using different brushes and object
  • Color correction
  • Manipulating the image using layers and filters

  • 00:40:00

  • Photoshop (optional CS5)