Summer holidays at 3D-Sphere and some changes

Summer holidays at 3D-Sphere and some changesLike everyone we also need some rest and in hot and summer months more than before, so starting this day we have two weeks summer holidays at 3D-Sphere! During this time would be the support, news and forum online and under administrator maintenance, but we would not release any tutorial (we really need some rest from endless hours by computers J). Moreover we will use this time for developing and bug fixing on 3D-Sphere.  One thing we would really like to change is our newsletter design and the appearance of. Even that this task is not so difficult, so far we couldn’t find any time to do so.

The second thing on which we want to focus is the player used to play our tutorials and the security of it. So far we are searching for a player which could replace the current one and also raise the security of the tutorials. Why iam talking about security? Even that all tutorials and all content at 3D-Sphere is free we still have some “Terms of use” and between them also belongs not to leech the tutorials or hotlink them. We have a serious problem with the leeching of the tutorials and it causes a huge traffic on our servers. Just for imagination we had almost 30TB traffic at one month without the raise of visitors, this basically means that the tutorials were downloaded and not watched. You have to understand that the numbers such as; visitors and time on site, give us more value and more attention. We can’t start any competition without a sponsor and none will sponsor you if your value is low. We asking to play fair and we hope to develop the anti-leech soon to prevent this.

3D-Sphere Administrator