Workaround for pause-play problem

Workaround for pause-play problemAs you know by migrating to the streaming server we observed a small problem with the player causing by a pause-play event a lag which can either start infinity buffering or a video-sound shift for some short time. Trying to find what exactly is causing the problem we found that on both streaming server and the player is a small bug. Now, before I will explain a bit deeper about the problem and the workaround I will mention again the technology we are using here for playing the videos. The streaming server isn’t anything which isn’t use normally used on the web. Actually this Adobe Streaming server or technology is one of the most used in the world and even Amazon using this kind of streams. It allows what the name stands for and instead of progressive download the streaming server stream video, so you download only what you watch and you can seek to any part of the video without waiting for the player to download it. The reasons why we choose this solution I mentioned few times before and I will not repeat this again. The player which we use is Flowplayer, again it’s one of the most used player around and developed for several years. Looking on both of these solutions you just can’t claim to us that this is bad or wrong, the solution and technology is ok, but as usually, bugs occurs. The good news is, we are trying to solve the bugs on the side of the server and I really hope we will.

Now, as I promised before, the workaround for this problem. As you know if you play the video everything is ok, but if you pause the video and want to play it again, either an infinity buffering occurs or the video-sound is shifter for some time. Even though this bug occurs you can anytime seek the video and it will play as normal. Now, if you want to play the video from the moment you pause, just click on the status bar position represented by a white dot and the video will run again. See the screenshots for better underrating. And again, we know that this is just a workaround and we will try to fix this as soon as we can.