Modeling a Star Wars Lightsaber in 3DsMax

Modeling a Star Wars Lightsaber in 3ds Max In this tutorial I will show you how to model Obi Wan Kenobis Lightsaber from the original Star Wars trilogy using Autodesk 3ds Max. We will start by placing the reference image in to our workspace to be able to follow and accurate model the Lighsaber using poly-modelling technique. At first we will chose our starting object, a primitive and in our case a cylinder with certain edges on the side. This step is very important because the initial count of edges shouldn’t be high but just enough to cover all details present on the Lightsaber.

Texturing the Laser Rifle using Photoshop

Texturing the Laser Rifle using Photoshop and 3ds MaxIn the modeling tutorial for 3ds Max called „Modeling a Laser Rifle in 3ds Max“ I showed you how to model a fancy laser rifle using reference pictures and poly-editing techniques. Now, after a long time we finally releasing the texturing part of this tutorial which will bring your gun to life. In the tutorial we will start by rendering simple references of the main body of the laser rifle which we will after import and use in Photoshop like a reference for fitting and adjusting the texture. We will create the texture from scratch, using some reference image and real world textures which we will combine to create realistic texture with all the small details for the laser rifle.

Modeling a Laser Rifle in 3DsMax

3ds Max tutorials weapon Laser RifleThis video tutorial for 3ds Max is about modeling a Weapon - Laser Rifle from the popular gaming series Fallout using a reference and blueprint. At the beginning we will prepare our scene with the reference pictures and place it them into 3ds Max. We will start the modeling process from a box creating a rough shape of the model using poly-modeling technique. Slowly and step by step we will form the shape of the Laser Rifle like on the reference and add more and more objects to build every part of the weapon such as screws and other objects.