Blender 2.68 is released

modelingThe Blender Foundation has released Blender 2.67. This release contains many different mesh modelling tools. Cycles render performance was also improved on Windows and on GPU's. The motion tracker can now automate placement and choice of markers more with new tools. Smoke rendering quality has been improved to reduce blockiness.





Terragen 3 pre-release now available

Terragen 3 pre-release now availableTerragen is a powerful solution and photorealistic 3D environment design and rendering software, providing powerful and flexible tools for professional artists to bring to life the worlds and realistic natural environments of their imagination. Terragen is used widely  in a broad spectrum of industries including VFX studios and game development. Terragen 3 was developed with the direct feedback from VFX vendors and studios using Terragen in major film and TV projects. Using Terragen the user have the full control over the shader networks used for terrains, textures, micro-polygon displacements, clouds and object distributions. You can reorganise the planetary shading pipeline to suit your goals. Terragen 3 Professional includes many new features and performance enhancements to meet the needs of deadline-driven projects. A Linux render node will also be available with Terragen 3 Professional, making integration with existing Linux render farms possible for the first time.

Pixologic releases ZBrush 4R6

modelingZBrush 4R6 continues to improve and enhance ZBrush functionality by giving artists access to a rich toolset of new features designed to excite their creativity and boost productivity.

Central to Release 6 is ZRemesher: an evolution of ZBrush's automatic retopology tool. It analyzes the curves in a mesh to produce a very natural polygon flow. Yet it also achieves these better results in significantly less time. Of course, when an artist wants more control ZRemesher provides features such as local density management and curve flow orientation. Furthermore, a new and innovative feature of ZRemesher is its ability to perform local retopology to a specific part of the mesh while keeping all border vertex points welded to the rest of the model.

Luxion Releases KeyShot 4.1

renderingSome weeks ago Luxion unveils new features of KeyShot 4 that introduces new rendering capabilities and many improvements that continue to speed the creation of 3D visuals throughout the entire product design process. And now is AVAILABLE.

With the release of KeyShot 4, users were introduced to new features like LiveLinking, physical lights, new color libraries including Pantone and RAL colors, Mold-Tech Textures, Rounded edges, import improvements and translucent material enhancements. KeyShot Pro users also received updates to create View and Model sets, render passes and render layers, stereoscopic viewing as well as improvements to the KeyShot HDR Editor.

e-on software releases LumenRT GeoDesign

modelingE-on software has released LumenRT GeoDesign, an add-on to connect its real-time visualisation tool LumenRT to ESRI’s procedural city-generation software, CityEngine.

Seamlessly integrated into ESRI CityEngine (the leading solution for City Planning and Urban Design), LumenRT GeoDesign adds rich natural elements including wind-blown plants and trees, moving vehicles, animated people, lights, water, and skies directly to CityEngine scenes. Then, with a single command, the entire scene is transformed into an immersive, interactive LiveCube™ allowing clients, customers, contractors, and colleagues to explore designs in vivid photorealistic 3D.