PipelineFX Releases Qube! 6.5

renderingPipelineFX announces the release of Qube! 6.5. New tools for job tagging, configuration, and reporting round out Qube!’s most feature-rich offering to date; while improvements to Smart Farming functionality promote a simpler path to pipeline intelligence.

During this development cycle, PipelineFX tackled two areas that will bring immediate results to their customers. The first: detailed cost reporting for firms that manage rendering across multiple shows and clients. The second: an increased ability for larger studios to minimize supervisor downtime and easily re-configure their render farm as situations and usage rates shift.

Luxion Unveils KeyShot 4.1

Luxion Unveils KeyShot 4.1Luxion, the leading developer of advanced rendering and lighting technology and maker of the first real time ray tracing and global illumination program, announced the KeyShot 4.1. With the new version of KeyShot, Luxion continues to develop the feature list presented with KeyShot 4. User interface improvements, LiveLinking between KeyShot and 3D modelling applications, physical lights, colour libraries and advanced Pro features like view sets and render passes are just a few of the features added within KeyShot 4 to increase both the speed in rendering and the flexibility in creating visuals for all 3D professionals across the fields of engineering and design. The same focus which was applied by developing KeyShot 4 continues with KeyShot 4.1 with major release level features that both complement and enhance the growing feature set, making Luxion's internally developed rendering technology the fastest, most accurate 3D rendering and animation system available. The new features and enhancements should according to Luxion allow the users to present their 3D artworks and projects in new ways. Between the new features implemented inside Keyshot 4.1 belong Focused caustics, Procedural textures and Toon shading.

3D Artist Issue 55 is out

modelingAnother issue of 3D Artist is out with a lot of interesting articles and free stuff. 3D Artis is an invaluable guide to the world of 3D, whether you are a budding artist or experienced professional. Each issue includes interesting articles also from the movie industry where it goes behind the scenes on the latest movies, talks to the most talented 3D artists and features the hottest new technologies. Next, every issue contains a showcase of the finest work being produced by the 3D community, with the Gallery that showcases amazing images to the tutorials and Q&A where inspiring artists share their workflow and skills. Each issue also contains a CD packed full of models, textures, software and accessories, making 3D Artist the complete package for anyone who appreciates 3D.

NFB releases free iPad animation app

modelingThe National Film Board of Canada has released McLaren’s Workshop, an iPad app that enables users to create films “using three different techniques used by Oscar-winning animator Normal McLaren”. The McLaren’s Workshop also gives users free access to 11 short documentaries that will guide them through McLaren’s impressive filmography, providing a thematic analysis of his work.

Make your own animated films with the PAPER CUT-OUTS Workshop, using the paper elements and original backgrounds McLaren created when he animated his classic film Le merle.

Allegorithmic releases B2M Lite for iOS and Android

modelingAllegorithmic has released B2M Lite: a free version of its B2M app for creating texture maps on iOS and Android devices. The app is capable of creating a range of maps, including diffuse, normal, specular and height.

All you have to do is take a picture of the texture you want and either choose one of our premade presets or make your own.