3D-Sphere changes and New tutorial section

3DsSphere 3DsMax TutorialsDue of delaying the release of SMF (Simple Machine Forums) 2.0 we have to delay also the start of our support forum. The official date of release is not known yet, but in the SMF blog is mentioned that it should be released very soon. We hope to start our forum very soon and so provide a community solution to 3D-Sphere. The forum should server like a support board to our users and provided them this features (not all listed):


· Support 3D-Sphere

3D-Sphere changes: Newsletter and Video Quality

Default picture 3D-SphereNewsletter; recently we launched here on 3D-Sphere our newsletter. From now you can subscribe by using a form on the left side located at the bottom. We are planning to send the newsletter periodically 3-4 weeks with the most relevant information about 3D-Sphere, 3DsMax, Tutorials, News and Forum which will be launched very soon. Of course this can change in the moment when we will have some interesting news, announcement to share with our users, in this case the newsletter will be sent earlier. You can anytime unsubscribe from the newsletter using a link at the bottom of each newsletter. So if you want to join the newsletter, you can.

3D-Sphere changes announcement

Default picture 3D-SphereWe would like to welcome you on our page on more time and we hope that your time here would get you something. As everything we try to “evolve” our page every day, fixing some bugs, planning new content and so on… By this we also try to keep “” light, this means no big pictures, slogans like “we are the best” and so on,, just to keep the portal smooth, nice, without registration and post only information what you want or need.

3D-Sphere Promo

Dear visitorsDefault picture 3D-Sphere,

From today we start this great project. So let us introduce it in some short sentences.

     The idea for a portal with 3D content and the name "3D-Sphere" came at the end of 2009. The main idea was to create a portal with 3D tutorials and content which would inform the users about the news in the 3D world, give them an opportunity to learn from our tutorials and give them a place where they can search for help and discuss about 3D and 2D graphic. Over the time the concept was changed many times to create a lightweight site which a lot of information and tutorials to make it easy.