Want to make 3D-Sphere better?

3D-Sphere forumsLike everyone we like to present the most interesting content and give to our users also the most valuable content which will be interesting for them. In this philosophy we try to do all the aspects of 3D-Sphere from News to Tutorials, but we also need some feedback from our users to make things even better. So, if you have any idea or opinion what we should change here on 3D-Sphere, have some idea or whish for 3DsMax tutorial, need help  or just want to talk about something join our forums.

New feature to the forum

3DSphere forumsWe decided to implement a gallery modification to our forums which allows registered users to create they own gallery of their work. We decided to use Aeva Media 1.4w(Auto-Embed Video & Audio). All registered users will have they own space to share, create and manage their galleries which can be used also for presentation purpose or just for any other case. The space is limited and it grows with your forum rank.

3D-Sphere forum launched

3D-Sphere forumsAfter a long time of waiting for a proper release of Simple Machine Forum and a hard time of testing we launched our forum. How i mentioned before the forum is running on SMF 2.0 Final release and also includes several modifications. To view the forum you don’t have to register but to reply or post a topic you have to register. The registration is of course for free and takes just few seconds and after confirmation of the confirmation e-mail you are ready to go. If you would have any problems with registration please don’t hesitate and contact us at: support (at) or forum (at) with subject (Forum Registration).

Tutorial update - Roman sword... in 3DsMax

3DsMAx tutorialsThe third part of the tutorial „Roman sword, shield and javelin in 3DsMax“ was updated. We changed the way of the materials and final render to be more realistic using Mental Ray lights and post production in Photoshop. Now the tutorial is 25min longer and we explain there how to achieve a nice looing render with using 3DsMax and Photoshop by rendering an ambient map and Z-Depth map. After this point all new tutorials would have better rendering solutions and also more Photoshop work.

3D-Sphere forum starting in few days

3DSphere 3DsMax tutorialsWe are very happy to announce that the 3D-Sphere community forum will be launched to the end of this week. The reason why we was waiting and delaying the launching of the forum was the release of the SMF (Simple Machine Forums) 2.0 Gold which was released yesterday.  We have to make few more tests offline before we will upload the forum but so far so good.

The forum would be divided into several categories and sub-categories where would be place to discuss everything from 3DsMax tutorials to problems with software.